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Payment Request Gateway

Introduction #

The Payment Request Gateway is one of the most convenient ways to start accepting payments on your site.  While other payment gateways need to be setup, this gateway has already been setup for you.

It offers customers the payment options that they use regularly on their browser. 

Let’s say a customer has saved their credit card or debit card to their Google account, this gateway will automatically show Google Pay as one of their payment options. 

Enabling the Payment Request Gateway is a great way to get started until you finish integrating other payment gateways to your website.

Settings #


This text will appear on the checkout page of the gateway.


Using this text, you can give a brief explanation about this payment method.  (It is optional so you can also leave it blank.)

Credit Card Display:

This setting determines the way payment methods appear on your site.

Charge Type:

Charge type influences when the funds will be captured from your customer’s credit card.  If authorizations are made against the card, the funds can be captured at a later date.

Payment Sections:

Browser payment methods will be available on your product page, cart page and checkout page.  You can use this setting to control where you want to keep the payment option available. 

Order Status:

When a customer orders on your site and completes the payment, Woocommerce will automatically set the order status.  Using this option, you can override the default setting and control the order status as you need.

(Note: This option will come into effect only when a customer makes the payment)

Button Type:

Here are the two types of buttons available with this gateway.

Button Theme:

You can choose between the two themes available: dark or light.

Button Style:

While the width is always fixed to 100% of the container, you can use this setting to control the height of the button.

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