WP Payments Documentation


WP Payments is a WordPress plugin that will integrate Stripe payment gateway with your e-commerce website.  By using this plugin, you can easily accept online payments like credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, directly from your website.

Our plugin, once installed, keeps everything simple for you.  With its user-friendly controls and minimal procedures, you can effortlessly tweak payment settings on your site according to your needs.

Optimized payment methods #

Our plugin has been built and optimized for different payment methods to work seamlessly on your product pages, cart page and checkout page.

Returning customers will go through faster checkouts with the autofill feature that comes with this plugin.  This will result in increased customer satisfaction in the long run.

Easy to Customize #

Our plugin is easy to setup as well as customize according to your website needs.  The best thing about this plugin is you don’t have to do any sort of coding (even for setting up advanced features).  With our user-friendly interface, even beginners can do any kind of setup and make different adjustments that will enhance their e-commerce website.