WP Payments Documentation

Credit Cards

Setting up the credit card payment gateway enables you to accept credit card payments on your website.

Testing #

Testing can be done easily by enabling the test mode on the plugin.  Once it’s enabled, you can get Stripe’s test cards and check the payment process.

3DS 2.0 #

This plugin is compliant with the Strong Customer Authentication rule that’s been enforced since September 15, 2019.  Hence the 3DS login screen will automatically appear for customers attempting to use a credit card on a European merchant’s website.

Settings #

You can customize the design and behavior of the credit card payment gateway using the variety of options available in the plugin.

Title #

This text will appear on the checkout page of the credit card payment gateway.

Description #

Using this text, you can give a brief explanation about this payment method.  (It is also optional)

Credit Card Display #

This field will determine how the customer’s credit card text will appear on the checkout page.

Charge Type #

Charge type influences when the funds will be captured from your customer’s credit card.  If authorizations are made against the card, the funds can be captured at a later date.

Order Status #

When a customer orders on your site and completes the payment, Woocommerce will automatically set the order status.  Using this option, you can override the default setting and control the order status as you need.

(Note: This option will come into effect only when a customer makes the payment)

Allow Credit Card Save #

By enabling this setting, you can give customers an option to save their card for future purchases.  The save card checkbox will be displayed below the credit card fields.

Accepted Payment Methods/ Accepted Credit cards #

The credit card brands which you select under this option will appear as icons on your checkout page.  This will help your customers to know which credit cards you accept.

Card Form #

You can choose any form you want under this setting: Stripe’s default credit card form or the plugin’s collection of custom credit card forms.

Custom Form #

We have incorporated many custom forms in this plugin so that you can choose the one that fits perfectly with your website design.